US Brigades Deployed to Afghanistan and Europe

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The COVID-19 Pandemic hasn’t altered military advancements for the United States Army. It’s been confirmed that three brigades are being shipped-out over the next several days. It will include a company to Afghanistan, Europe, and South Korea. These units are considered part of the fall deployments, which maintains consistent rotations between the three locations.

The 2nd Brigade Combat Team – 10th Mountain Division, is issuing several hundred soldiers from Fort Drum in New York. These armed forces will replace the 1st Brigade Combat Team in Afghanistan. It’s unknown when the 2nd Brigade will specifically be located throughout the Middle Eastern nation of Afghanistan. However, it’s known that their rotation period is nine months & will support the “Operation Freedom Sentiment”. This operation looks to command, control, and force protection with logistical support scenarios.

Military Advisors issued the 2nd Brigade Combat Team to assist with the Taliban Peace Agreement. The number of American troops engaging in Afghanistan is expected to reduce by five thousand soldiers, the largest seen since the war began after 9/11. The Taliban Peace Agreement is dependant on multiple conditions, including a continued-minor presence of American troops in surrounding nations to ensure the area isn’t destabilized again. Further details regarding the operations internal strategies weren’t awarded to the American press.

The United States Army & Allied Troops Division are slated to leave Afghanistan by May 2021 effectively. That’s under the condition that Taliban Leaders obey the commitments & obligations listed in the Peace Agreement. However, most believe that the Taliban will likely impose violence onto American troops with the announcement that several hundred more are being shipped immediately. Considering more American troops were slated to leave this November, permitting additional soldiers into Afghanistan could prompt a violent response from Taliban supporters. It should be noted that reports already indicate that the Taliban haven’t been entirely compliant with the agreement since signing.

European Forces

Soldiers from Fort Hood in Texas will be distributed to the European Union for nine months. 3700 American Troops from the 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team – 1st Calvary Division, will assist & support European forces with the “Atlantic Resolve Exercise”. This will educate the 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team how to engage with naval battles on the Atlantic Ocean while landfalling onto European soil.