US Army wants 3D Mapping on IVAS Headsets.

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The United States Army Training & Doctrine Command made a formal announcement regarding upcoming innovations. Commercial drones will be combined with Lidar Scanners, enabling soldiers with the ATDC to model terrain maps for digital usage. The armed forces have experienced extensive technological growth since 2010, with a significant innovation being the IVAS Headset. Updates are permitted with the IVAS Headset & enables soldiers to enhance combative scenarios. IVAS working in-correlation with commercial drones and Lidar Scanners will create unique opportunities for combatants.

3D Mapping upgrades are planned for the IVAS Headset. Capable soldiers could model terrain, small towns, and villages to create virtual maps. Any concerning objects needing identification would be prompted on headsets, giving American soldiers an untimely advantage against their opponents. All information collected by IVAS Headsets would be transferred to Infantry Units via long-range Bluetooth.

Modelled 3D Maps would provide Infantry Units & ATDC Soldiers an understanding of an objects size & depth. Soldiers trained for the IVAS can identify enemy combatants, creating 3D models of what those individuals are carrying & moving to for patrol purposes. Relaying this information to Infantry Units would make a substantial advantage in American warfare. It should be clarified that mapping models would be viewed similarly to “Google Maps Street View.”

Testing Sees Results

The Army Training & Doctrine Command tested the IVAS Headset with 3D Drone Mapping. Dates for testing were sustained on October 6th and November 4th, the “Ford Leonard Wood’s – Trestle Bridge” being the location used for modelling. Objects were placed in numerous areas to challenge Mapping technologies. Preliminary results indicate that Lidar Scanner on Drones was proven effective and that the ATDC will file paperwork for permanent approval.

America’s Armed Forces maintain a unique division named, “TRADOC Geospatial Proponent Office”. This is the division where the Army Training & Doctrine Command is operational. TRADOC’s Director spoke on the innovative technology. Colonel Kenneth Frey indicated that soldiers would soon be permitted to walk inside villages worldwide & create 3D Maps. Visuals won’t be lifelike but will give soldiers the required data needed to pursue their objective. Col. Kenneth Frey anticipates the tide of battle to change tenfold with this innovation.