UFC Veteran Leaves for WWE Position

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The UFC Corporate Division is losing one of their veteran employees to a rival franchise, the WWE. ESPN’s Marc Raimondi has reported that James Kimball has signed a new employment contract with Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment, leaving the Ultimate Fighting Competition in the process. This follows after James Kimball worked with Dana White for Ten Years, acting as the “Head of Operations” for the UFC Performance Institute. He’d run the Las Vegas & Shanghai locations.

James Kimball is reportedly now taking a position as “Head of Senior Business Operations” in the WWE. He’ll leave Nevada and move to Connecticut, with Stamford maintaining the WWE Headquarters. Marc Raimondi reported by Doctor Duncan French will now take over James Kimball’s “Head of Operations” position at the UFC Performance Institute. It should be mentioned that this ESPN’s Marc Raimondi is likely correct in his report, with him previously announcing that Nick Khan had taken the role of “President & CFO” at the WWE. Days late Vince McMahon would confirm Raimondi’s report.

Kimball’s UFC History

James Kimball first joined the UFC Corporate Division in 2010, maintaining a multitude of positions throughout his decade of employment under Dana White. Before working for the Ultimate Fighting Competition, Kimball managed a lengthy career with various sporting associations. His career began after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in health, fitness, and recreation. Kimball also received another degree on Sports Management from George Mason University.

That education period extended towards a master’s degree in Sports Industry Management with the same university. It’d allow him to obtain a position with the Washington Wizards Organization immediately after school. Years later he’d get an employment contract with the UFC.

James Kimball first worked as the Director of Athletic Development in the UFC, which was maintained for years until proving himself a viable asset. He’d then be promoted to the Vice President of Operations at the UFC Performance Institute. James Kimball finished his UFC Career as the “Head of Operations”. It’s suspected that there’ll be a minor shift in how the UFC operates under the leadership of Doctor Duncan French. Unfortunately, ESPN’s Marc Raimondi couldn’t clarify when James Kimball will leave the UFC for the WWE.