UFC President Explains Masvidal Negotiations

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Fans supporting the “Ultimate Fighting Competition” were disappointed to learn one month prior that Jorge Masvidal wouldn’t compete against Kamaru Usman. Failed negotiations with the BMF Titleholder prompted Dana White to relocate another competition. Dana White’s selection was Gilbert Burns, which was hailed in criticism & almost guaranteed Usman continued to hold over his championship belt.

The possibility of Kamaru Usman & Gilbert Burns competing against each other was abolished after Masvidal’s replacement was tested positive with COVID-19. It re-forced Dana White into an awkward position, where failed contract negotiations with Jorge Masvidal must be turned into a favourable agreement. That meant the UFC President has to pay out a large salary to Jorge Masvidal, which Dana White refused to do for any member in his top roster.

Jorge Masvidal had promised his return for 2020, with most believing that would’ve been later into the year. Nobody expected that Gamebred would make his re-entrance into the Octagon weeks after his falling out with Dana White. It shows evident desperation on the part of the UFC President, who risked losing hundreds of millions by not locating an immediate replacement for Kamaru Usman. Those losses would’ve been sustained either way if Gilbert Burns was elected over Jorge Masvidal. Dana White doesn’t intentionally know that his profit margins were saved by the unfortunate medical condition of Gilbert Burns.

Clarification from Dana White

ESPN Sports requested that Dana White provided details regarding the updated contract negotiations. He clarified that over the UFCs two decades of history, many fallouts have happened. Dana White emphasized that business is business & both parties cannot occasionally meet a formal agreement. Sentiments from Dana White moved towards praising Jorge Masvidal, uttering that over the last eighteen months he’s become a formidable star in their top roster. Jorge Masvidal is similar to Conor McGregor & highly desired amongst the UFC community.

Jorge Masvidal cemented his name throughout the UFC Roster after knocking out Ben Askren, Darren Till, and then Nate Diaz. Skillsets shown by the BMF Titleholder was enough to provide him with a championship belt opportunity. That opportunity was nearly lost until Gilbert Burns was proven to have COVID-19. Both Kamaru Usman & Jorge Masvidal will train extensively before their July 11th fight.