UFC Analyst Contracts COVID After Denial of Virus

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Brendan Schaub has become an influential voice in the MMA Community, which follows after becoming good friends with Joe Rogan & completing a UFC Heavyweight Career of eleven fights. The popularity of Shaub has enabled him to create “The Fighter & The Kid Podcast”, which has become successful amongst MMA enthusiasts. Brendan Schaub has even appeared on Showtime & the UFC for commentating purposes.

It’s not uncommon for UFC Fighters to have narcissistic personalities, which often outweigh their common sense. This is similar for Brendan Schaub, who has proven himself a foolish man throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic. It’s become evident that Schaub believes himself more intelligent than the CDC & thousands of medical experts worldwide, often bolstering that the statistics associated with COVID-19 shows that civilians shouldn’t be concerned for their safety.

Brendan Schaub is incredibly misinformed. Millions to Billions worldwide could’ve suffered from this virus if not for the actions of international governments. Closing borders, shutting down economies, enforcing social distancing, and providing accurate information that was updated daily enabled those listening to remain safe. Others who refused to listen contracted COVID-19.

This has continuously been proven with COVID-19 Disputers revoking their remarks after contracting the virus, realizing the deadly symptoms associated with the viral infection. Brendon Schaub became the next COVID-19 Disputer to contract COVID-19, with the commentator still refusing to accept the severity of his situation. Schaub believes himself to be healed after three days, expecting that he’ll be declared healthy by May 5th.

How COVID-19 Works

Scientists & Medical Experts have clarified that COVID-19 doesn’t start showing severe symptoms until the 7th day. The initial onslaught of symptoms is more consistent with the Flu. COVID-19 than expands within our immune systems & begins attacking vital organs with unseen prowess. Civilians that haven’t had any prior conditions with their Lungs, Kidneys, or Heart are finding themselves dying from various causes associated with these organs.

There is a significant chance that Brendan Schaub will be one of those individuals that have long-term side effects from COVID-19. Refusing to accept his condition most likely means that Brendan is avoiding critical assistance from medical experts. This will create longstanding issues with most likely his lungs, which could ultimately lead to death with COVID-19.