UFC 251 Fight Card Unveiled

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Dana White announced Fight Island in late April, with supporters of the UFC & analysts both doubtful that this concept would meet fruition. Naysayers were proven incorrect, with Dana White has announced on June 10th that Fight Island is located in Abu Dhabi. July 11th will mark the date when Yas Island hosts UFC 251, which this venue slated to headline three championship bouts. It’s expected to become the largest PPV Event of 2020 to date.

Usman Vs Burns

The first event for UFC 251 regards Kamaru Usman, who was initially slated to compete against Jorge Masvidal. That battle wouldn’t unfold because of financial disputes with Jorge & Dana White, with the BMF Titleholder requesting an unrealistic salary during the COVID pandemic. It prompted Dana White to replace Jorge Masvidal with Gilbert Burns, who maintains a six-fight winning streak. This included back-to-back victories against Tyron Woodley and Demian Maia, with Gilbert Burns being next in line to compete for the Welterweight Championship. MMA Analysts anticipate that Kamaru Usman will dominate Burns in the Octagon, possibly forcing the referee to stop this fight before injuries being unsustainable.

Volkanovski Vs Holloway

The second championship event slated for UFC 251 will see Alexander Volkanovski & Max Holloway compete against one another. This competition has been highly sought after by UFC Supporters, with Holloway being one of the most historic featherweight champions in MMA history. He’d lose his title against Alexander Volkanovski in December 2019, with UFC 251 slated to be redemption for Max Holloway. Las Vegas Oddsmakers have determined that Holloway is most likely to win, with his training over the COVID-19 pandemic being evident.

Other Fights on the UFC 251 Card

Another notable fight that Dana White has set up for UFC 251 regards Jose Aldo. Considered another one of the most infamous featherweight fighters in MMA History, this former champion moved towards the Bantamweight Division by UFC 254. Aldo would lose to Marlon Morae’s, with Dana White giving Jose a 2nd chance to compete in this division. He’ll fight Peter Yan for the championship belt, which follows after Henry Cejudo retired during the pandemic over financial disputes.