UFC 249 Cancelled by Disney

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ESPN Sports, which is owned and operated by the Disney Corporation, enforced their stronghold over Dana White to ensure that UFC 249 was cancelled. This follows after the UFC President continually acted defiantly against the government and medical experts. He demanded that fights would continue their regular schedules under any condition during this pandemic. When questioned by reporters on his decision to cancel, it was the 1st instance of Dana White backing down. He expressed that Disney’s CEO requested that the event be postponed. Considering this partnership is more valuable than UFC 249 itself, it makes sense that White would fall in line.

The History of UFC 249

This fight was slated for April 18th at the Brooklyn Centre with Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov competing against each other. Multiple alterations to this event were made with the increasing changes to COVID-19. The Brooklyn Centre confirmed they wouldn’t host UFC 249, which prompted Dana White to locate a new venue in America. This was halted with the implementation of Social Distancing Measures, ensuring that entertainment venues exceeding 250+ people couldn’t be supported.

The UFC President then began locating a new venue in the Middle East, which became postponed because of their respective Social Distancing Measures. After it was confirmed that Khabib Nurmagomedov couldn’t compete because of travel restrictions in America, Justin Gaethje was selected as Tony Ferguson’s opponent. Dana White then claimed he was purchasing an island to host weekly venues for the UFC, including the 249th Pay-Per-View. The concept of buying a private island prompted the Disney Corporation to get involved, demanding the fight be postponed immediately, or Dana White could face potential termination as President.

Disney is Boss

The decision to cancel UFC 249 shows that individuals like Dana White can be stopped. Some financial and business analysts have agreed that the UFC President will be terminated after COVID-19. This follows after numerous tyrants about his political views, fighters and media representatives. Disney doesn’t support ignorant behaviour of this nature, and it’d be logical to presume that Dana White will be fired. It’d mark the end of a career which began in 2001, making a nobody into a somebody.