Tony Ferguson Declines Fight for Interim Lightweight Title

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The lightweight title has been the focus of UFC news for multiple weeks in a row, and things seem to get more interesting by the day. It all began with Khabib refusing to re-enter the octagon until his teammates are allowed to fight again, following the 2018 UFC229 brawl in October. Dana White isn’t allowing Khabib to sit out and hold onto the title, which is why the interim title fight is now a possibility. Most though Ferguson would be the holder as he goes up against Max Holloway, but to the surprise of most, he declined the fight.

Naturally, fight fans are disappointed with the news. Everyone has been itching to see Ferguson take on Khabib, which would’ve happened at the end of the year should Ferguson have taken the title. Now we’ll need to see who claims the interim title, then see Khabib take them on before Ferguson would have a shot at fighting Khabib for the title.

Max Holloway vs Dustin Poirier for Interim Title

Since Ferguson declined the fight opportunity from Dana White, the next matchup was set not long after. Now, we’ll see Max Holloway take on Dustin Poirier for the interim title, which is sure to be a fight well worth looking forward all by itself! It’s set to take place at UFC 236 in April, which determines who gets to hold onto it for the remainder of the Khabib’s suspension. The holder would be taking on Khabib towards the end of the year, which would determine who the lightweight title belongs to for good.

The last time we saw Dustin and Max in the octagon together, we saw a fantastic fight. It ended with Dustin submitting Max and almost breaking his arm twice. Now with the title on the line, we’re sure to see fighting on a whole new level especially since these fighters have a history and know what to expect. The last fight took place in 2012, leaving seven years for these fighters to evolve and change the way they fight. We expect to see technical strategies from both fighters. Holloway is jumping up in weight; we might also recognise him add the title to his record.

There’s no doubt that Holloway is the favourite for the fight, which is somewhat surprising since he lost the first fight. Then again, when you look at the record he managed since 2012, you can certainly see many amazing improvements, especially when it comes to the bigger fights. Dustin has an impressive record to date, including 19 completed of the 24 fights, of which 13 were technical knockouts. We last saw the fighter take on the former champ, Eddie Alvarez and winning the battle. After which he was supposed to take on Nate Diaz, but called it off due to a hip injury. To date, Holloway completed 12 of 20 fights and managed 10 TKOs. The last primary match was to be against Khabib. It didn’t happen due to being unfit to fight as the NYAC were concerned about severe weight cuts.