Stephen A. Smith & Conor McGregor at Odds

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Two names frequently arise when talking about mixed martial arts, with those being Stephan A. Smith and Conor McGregor. Smith is known for making outrageous statements, which generally receive backlash and make headlines. It’s resulted in Stephen Smith making an entire brand on being the bad guy, with him often taking shots at individuals that fight professionally in the UFC. Conor McGregor was the most recent individual to receive negative comments from Steven Smith, which followed after the Irishman’s last win against Donald Cerrone at UFC 246. It’s expected that Smith won’t be allowed to return to host UFC events, with Dana White expressing his anger towards the consistent disrespect of this fight. It appears that anybody strong enough to get an instant knockout is immediately dismissed as fake.

Specific individuals associated with the Ultimate Fighters Championship have begun defending Conor McGregor. This included the infamous Joe Rogan, who dedicated twenty minutes of his daily podcast towards the comments made by Stephen Smith to Conor McGregor. Rogan noted that individuals that Smith doesn’t have the right to speak ignorant garbage when the sport involves bodies being physically injured or in the worst-case scenario, killed.

Stephen A. Smith has refused to apologize for his actions, which follows suit with his past behaviour. It’s forced him to resign from sporting programs throughout the following weeks, with zero confirmation if he returns to ESPN or UFC. Since receiving this backlash from supporters of McGregor, Smith has expressed through social media that he’s disgusted with anybody that believes this fight was real. This has prompted everybody to ask Smith if he could handle the fighting capabilities of Conor McGregor in the octagon, that he should back all the trash talk. Smith cannot be found for comment since individuals like Joe Rogan have demanded Stephen A. Smith fight, with him having no previous experience or knowledge in the octagon. Essentially, this is just another sad little man who can’t handle anybody that might be doing better than himself.

McGregor on Kobe Bryant’s Passing

Conor McGregor has moved past the statements made by Stephen A. Smith, refusing to answer any questions regarding this foolish man. Instead, the Irishman focused on the passing of Kobe Bryant and mentioned that he was one of the greatest athletes in existence. McGregor plans to honour and celebrate the legacy of this great man by continuing as the UFCs true champion. Kobe Bryant often supported McGregor is his future bouts.