Special Forces Sergeant Charged with Random Shooting

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Headlines throughout the United States of America are increasingly becoming harder to follow. Violence nation-wide has grown tenfold under President Donald Trump’s leadership, with military personnel themselves committing acts of random vengeance against civilian populations. Shocking information was released near the end of December, which indicated “U.S Army Special Forces Sergeant, Duke Webb” had committed a random shooting in Illinois.

Homebound terrorist threats are growing in America, with Sgt. Duke Webb is proving that military personnel have training tactics capable of taking civilian lives. The shooting at Don Carter Lanes in Rockford saw three individuals murdered, with another three being severely wounded. Deaths could’ve been higher if bowling hadn’t been closed because of Covid-19. However, the serving bar was open & hosted multiple personnel that evening.

Law enforcement in Illinois arrested Sgt. Duke Webb on three counts of murder & three counts of attempted murder, with Webb taken into custody around 7:00 P.M. on December 27th. The Police Chief of Rockford discussed the matter to reporters, noting that Sgt. Duke Webb could’ve committed more significant crimes if officers hadn’t been on-scene within minutes. Those that lost their lives to his homebound terrorist event were aged 73, 69, and 65. Rockford Police didn’t reveal details regarding the identities of those killed.

Rockford law enforcement provided updates regarding those that survived this horrific event. A young child (Male) aged fourteen was shot in the face & airlifted to Madison Hospital in Illinois. Doctors performed immediate surgery, with that boy now in stable condition. Another young child (Female) was shot in the shoulder & also received immediate surgery, with the unnamed being released.

Critical Condition for One

Unfortunate details regarding the third person that survived this event were detailed, notifying that a 62-year-old adult male sustained overnight surgery after sustaining multiple gunshot wounds. Doctors haven’t been capable of placing this male into a stable condition, meaning he’s critical & could pass anytime. It should be mentioned that Sgt. Duke Webb doesn’t have any descending family, meaning nobody other than those randomly targeted will feel the weight of his actions.