Spanish Army Called to Curb COVID-19 Spread

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The Spanish government issued a nationwide notice on September 1st that the “Spanish Armed Forces” have been called to assist with curbing COVID-19. Their assistance will go beyond the borders of Spain, providing military aid to nations in Europe & Asia. SAF Recruits are heading a call issued by the United Nations Health Agency, which is to give the countries with surging infections specialized care. UNHA believes this will stop hundreds of thousands, to millions of deaths.

SAF Recruits are facing an infectious war; one the world hasn’t ever fought on such a massive scale. COVID-19 has killed the lives of 814+ thousand worldwide while infecting a total of 23 Million. Most nations believed the worst was over after the World Health Organization released updated infectious data in June, revealing that transmission numbers were decreasing & fatality percentages had dropped worldwide. However, the Flu Season is showing a rapid increase of infections worldwide. This includes SAF Recruits home nation of Spain, which has sustained 480+ thousand cases of coronavirus & 29,194 deaths as of September 2nd.

The Second Wave Outbreak

The Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sanchez, spoke to his people regarding the situation their world faces. He evoked that the COVID-19 pandemic cannot take control of the Spanish people’s lives, that we must dominate over this virus & stop the impending second wave. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez emphasized that the domestic increase of COVID-19 infections has become worrisome, with more than eight thousand infected confirmed on September 1st.
Between August 17th to August 31st, the Spanish people saw 68+ thousand new infections. Hospitals have become overrun & medical experts on Spain have backlashed against Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, evoking that the 2nd wave of COVID-19 had arrived in the mid of August.

International Second Wave

Cases of COVID-19 have begun to increase worldwide, with nations like South Korea to the United States experiencing high infection percentages. America has allowed for kindergartens, elementary schools, high schools, and colleges/universities to remain open. South Korea has taken another approach & closed all educational facilities. South Korea subsequently reported 280 new infections for September 1st, reaching a total of 18 thousand since the pandemic began. This is incredibly lower than the United States of America, which reported 41+ thousand new infections on September 1st. Their total cases since COVID-19 started in January 2020 is 6.12 Million.