Robot Buddy System Implemented in US Army

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Technology is assisting how the United States Armed Forces engage in military warfare, with innovations enabling soldiers to become better equipped in any scenario possible. Recent innovations include the “US Army Robo-Teammates System”, or more commonly referred to as the Robot Buddy System. This strategic innovation increase the capabilities of human soldiers & autonomous androids have in handling the engagement of combat.

Scientists contracted to the US Army Research Laboratory manufactured & tested an enhanced android, which is formatted as a wheeled autonomous robot. It’s equipped with Lidar Sensors, enabling the android to monitor surroundings in real-time with 3D environmental recreations. These recreations are sent towards augmented reality glasses provided to human soldiers, allowing them to locate enemies in these 3D environments.

The US Army released an official statement on the “US Army Robo-Teammates System”. It was informed that androids patrolled a designated environment, which has previous readings to compare against the robot’s latest 3D findings. Purposeful changes were implemented to determine in the android could detect the environmental change, and like this report it to human soldiers wearing the augmented reality glasses. Statements indicated that tests are successful.

The ICHCI Conference

Information on the “US Army Robo-Teammates System” was made public after Military Research Christopher Reardon released a published paper at the “International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction”. This conference was held in late July, with findings starting to become public towards the end of August.

The ICHCI Conference withholds information on new products & services for security purposes, with any leaks being made by a select few. There were minor discussions that the US Army was creating a technology similar to the USARTS. Rumours were before the conference, meaning no formal investigation has been issued. It’s suspected this technology will be implemented immediately into combat, allowing American soldiers to detect camouflaged enemies & improvised explosive devices.

Christopher Reardon, in his paper, remarks that incorporating augmented reality into international military combat is unavoidable. American is one of the first to influence how this technology is better than an enemy force. This is the conventional concept behind any innovation in military combat.