Rachael Ostovich Fails Drug Test

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The United States Anti-Doping Agency confirmed that they’d suspended Rachael Ostovich, a competitor in the UFC Flyweight Division. This follows after the female fighter failed her drug test, appearing to have two banned substances in her bloodstream. This instead GW1516 & Ostarine. It took more than six months for the diagnostics of her drug tests to be revealed, with the administers test being made on January 3rd. Both substances have been terminated amid UFC competitors for a prolonged period.

It was initially expected that the United States Anti-Doping Agency would issue a One-Year Suspension to Rachael Ostovich. It’d be confirmed by USADA Representatives that four months have been reduced on her sentencing, which comes after Rachael Ostovich served a Provisional Suspension in 2019 that was founded on falsified information. She’d ben released after four months from her 2019 Suspension.

USADA Representatives also clarified that the substances found have previously been found in legalized products, with manufacturers from China incorrectly putting proper ingredients into workout supplements. Multiple fighters have bee wrongfully convicted because of these incorrect manufacturing processes, with the USADA refusing to restrict their legislation on Anti-Doping with GW1516 or Ostarine.

Official representatives with the United States Anti-Doping Agency issued public sentiments on this decision. It was mentioned that neither Ostarine nor GW1516 were listed on the Workout Supplement Label used by Rachael Ostovich. This agency knowingly has forced this female fighter to postpone her career by eight months after she committed no wrongdoing It should be mentioned that male opponents in the UFC have faced identical situations & been relieved of all charges.

It’s prompted a considerable backlash against Female and Male UFC Supporters, with the Anti-Doping Agency of America refusing to provide additional comments on their stance. There is blatant favouritism over Male Fighters than female, which is considered odd when thinking that female divisions are more action-oriented then their male counterparts. Dana White hasn’t been available for comment on this matter.

Tainted Supplements

Rachael Ostovich has consumed workout supplements with illegal substances multiple times. It’s prompted some criticism that Rachael could secretly be taking these supplements from suppliers, informing them of the required ingredients in custom made orders. No proof has ever warranted these claims, leading some to believe that the USADA reacted poorly.