National Museum of the US Army Opening on November 11th

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The United States Army confirmed that November 11th, 2020 will mark the opening day for “The National Museum of the United States Army”. Their opening coincides with Veterans Day & will focus on the heroic actions of fallen Americans from World War II. This seems a more fitting launch for the US Army’s National Museum, with their initial opening in Summer 2020 not coinciding with any American holidays. It’s one of the few delays the coronavirus initiated & ended up being beneficial.

The United States Army partnered with the “Army Historical Foundation” to bring this National Museum into fruition. Both entities selected Fort Belvoir in Virginia State for the US Army’s National Museum. Showcases will focus on the historical accomplishments of America’s military since it was created in 1775, and new additions will be added with each passing year.
Private funds were used in the construction of the US Army National Museum. These secretly awarded finances accounted for the associated costs of utilities, infrastructure, road framework, and exhibition showcased. The “Army Historical Foundation” is providing additional funding for the National Museums special events, catering, and retail space. It’ll be the AHF that manages the USNM.

Available Exhibitions & Entertainment Options

Curators are working for “The National Museum of the United States Army” are locating artefacts associated with the American military. Thousands of historical artefacts have been found since the initiative began, with the hunt continuing. All located items are being featured in the Museums Exhibition Galleries. There’ll be an emphasis on strategic warfare & humanitarian missions within these showcases, providing knowledge to visitors that America’s military is more than a powerhouse assault force.

Entertainment options are also available at the US Army’s National Museum. An on-site theatre displaying films with recreated battles & educational, humanitarian missions is accessible. There’s also an “Experiential Learning Centre” where children & parents can engage with activities surround technology, science, engineering, geography, or moth.

Anyone wanting to attend “The National Museum of the United States Army” can reserve their timeslots before November 11th. Protocols are being implemented because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, meaning anyone over the age of two must engage with facemasks & physical distancing protocols. It should be noted that attending this Museum is free-of-charge.