Lebanon Army Terrorizing Shop Owners and Locals

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An explosion of 2,750 Tonnes of Ammonium Nitrate & Fireworks occurred on August 4th in Beirut. What has followed is an onslaught of riots to protests from the people of Lebanon. Their request is an entire reform of government, which comes after decades of corruption & mismanagement of economic expansion finances. President Michel Aoun hasn’t responded positively to the demands of his people, enacting a “State of Emergency” in Beirut. Extensive powers have been granted to the Lebanon Army & will enable them to enforce a variety of protocols while removing more liberties from their fellow civilians.

President Michel Aoun held an Emergency Session in Lebanon’s Parliament, where the overbearing leader declared that a two-week “State of Emergency” should come into effect. Parliament would stand behind their President & approve the temporary legislation. Government personnel in Lebanon have grown concerned for their safety after rioters have attackers Parliament. President Michel Aoun hopes that this crackdown will de-escalate angry protestors.

The State of Emergency permits the Lebanese Army to impose curfews onto the citizens of Beirut, with those not obeying likely to receive substantial beating & possibly become imprisoned. Additional permissions granted to Lebanon Army Generals include the censorship of media organizations, disbanding large groups with violent methods, and trialling Beirut civilians through Military Courts. The State of Emergency will remain in effect until August 21st.

Why are Civilians Protesting?

President Michel Aoun, and his predecessor Prime Minister Saad Hariri, were both known to mishandle the affairs of the nation actively. Beirut Civilians believe that their government is the direct cause of the Port-located explosion. Michel Aoun & Saad Hariri both permitted 2,750 Tonnes of Ammonium Nitrate to be located in a hangar bay at the Port of Beirut.

After six years of standing dormant in the hangar, blazes that initiated from fireworks led towards the Ammonium Nitrate. An explosion 16+ Kilometres would follow, prompting widespread destruction over the city & leaving thousands homeless. It’s inspired a breaking point in Lebanon’s society, with it being expected that the reign of President Michel Aoun will now be toppled.