Jon Jones Reacts to UFC 247 Controversy

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Supporters behind the Ultimate Fighting Championship are looking forward to the upcoming event in New Mexico, even with conversations relating to UFC 247 still being discussed. The controversy surrounding the Jones & Dominick Reyes title fight has swarmed social media for almost two weeks. Most people inside the UFC and on social media believe that Jon Jones wasn’t deserving of his victory. Those who haven’t entirely agreed with Dominick Reyes being genuine winner have been split with their decision. Reyes has vocally expressed that he’s the people’s champ in the light heavyweight division and that he’ll acquire the belt following their re-match.

Dominick Reyes expressed during the Post-Fight Conference that he performed more strikes on Jon Jones, performed better in the clinches and that the judges weren’t paying attention to the fight. Considering that two judges were caught viewing their phones during additional matches throughout the evening, most believe that their scoring was incorrect due to a lack of interest.

The Champion Reacts

Jon Jones didn’t appreciate the comments made by Dominick Reyes, who believes that this younger man is unrealistic in his determination of the event. Jones took to his Twitter Account to mention his thoughts on the Post-Fight Conference and backlash against holding his title. He expressed that Dominick had out-struck him by twelve shots, with the champion scoring more takedowns and being the prominent aggressor. Jones also controlled every minute of the fight, which every critic and analyst agreed. The division belt holder mentioned that Dominick couldn’t perform in the championship rounds, which are the two that have always mattered most to judges.

The fact that Dominick Reyes believes he’s won this battle indicates an immature fighter who can’t identify his shortcomings. Throughout the entirety of this fight, Jon Jones controlled the middle of the octagon and had Reyes against the cage multiple times. Giving up during the 4th and 5th final rounds is considering match suicide, with every fighter being familiar with this condition. After thirteen fights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Dominick Reyes should’ve known that these are the two rounds he must perform. Jon Jones finished his remarks through Twitter by expressing that boys can’t admit their faults, which is why the light heavyweight champ is a man. It should be noted that Jon Jones agreed with his errors during the 1st, 2nd and 3rd rounds immediately after UFC 247 at the Post-Fight Conference.