Jon Jones on UFC 247

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Few names garnish fan popularity like Jon Jones, with him becoming one of the highest-rated athletes in the Ultimate Fighters Championship. February 6th marked an important date for Jon Jones, who came face-to-face with Dominick Reyes for their upcoming bout at UFC 247. It’s being held in two days on February 8th, 2020 at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. Scheduled at the title fight for the 1st pay-per-view since Conor McGregor and Donald Cerrone faced off.

It should be noted that there’s a secondary title fight for UFC 247, centred around the female athletes of Katlyn Chookagian and Valentina Shevchenko. It’s anticipated that Jon Jones will win his bout, with Valentina Shevchenko dominating over the female title fight. There’ll also be a heavyweight main card bout between Derrick Lewis and Ilir Latifi, with Lewis expected to be victorious.

Jon Jones Claims He’s the Best

Every martial artists or boxer hopes that one day they’ll be considered the greatest of all time, with Muhammed Ali taking that title for several decades. It requires more than fighting skillsets to reach this level, with Ali fighting for African American rights to the point that he was imprisoned and stripped of his championship titles. Regardless of these historical events, fighters in the UFC believe their the greatest of all time. Conor McGregor is the most notable, with Khabib Nurmagomedov following. Both could go down as the Greatest Fighter of Our Time, but not of all time. Now Jon Jones believes that he’s got the talents and skillsets required to become the Greatest Fighter of All Time.

Jones believes that millennia’s from now, supporters of the Ultimate Fighting Championship will continue to remember his name and praise the skillsets displayed in the octagon. Most analysts believe these statements weren’t made with full confidence, with Jones hoping to create animosity between Khabib or McGregor secretly. This would provide him with one of the most notable fights of the year and earn him a substantial paycheque, which is what every fighter is working towards currently.

When it applies to the statistical records of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Conor McGregor stands at the dominating force. The Irishman stands as the only individual to acquire two championship belts in separate weight classes, with Nate Diaz and Khabib Nurmagomedov being the single individuals to dominate over Conor McGregor. After returning to the sport from his elimination, Jon Jones has won seventeen fights consecutively. Previous to the Matt Hamill event, this champion hadn’t ever lost a battle previously.