Indian Army Captain Charged with Murder

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America’s disposition on India’s Army isn’t changing this year or next, with sadistic crimes still being committed by officers. Announcements were issued by law enforcement in India that an Army Captain had been charged with murder, criminal conspiracy, and kidnapping. It follows after investigations revealed three men from Kashmir were targeted by Captain Bhoopendra Singh.

Those men were Imtiyaz Ahmad, Abrar Ahmad Khan, and Abrar Ahmad Yousuf. All three were residing in the Kashmir region & worked in nearby towns. When leaving for work in July 2020, these three men became targeted by Captain Singh. Evidence revealed that kidnapping tactics taught by the Indian Army were employed by Captain Singh, which includes those men being targeted by gun point.

Singh murdered those three men & then staged the violent act to favour himself, claiming those men were hardcore terrorists he’d been investigating for months. Illegally acquired weapons from Captain Singh were planted onto the body. Thorough investigations held over six-months allowed investigations to prove Captain Singh had faked a military encounter. That’s considered highly illegal under Indian law.

Kashmiri law enforcement continued to locate evidence, which proved that Captain Singh had acted purposefully & deliberately in avoiding operation standards used in Kashmir. Details regarding the trail for Captain Bhoopendra Singh haven’t been identified by law enforcement or military personnel. Legislative orders in India will likely permit Singh being trailed in military court, with laws enacted in 1990 by Kashmir politicians allowing for Indian soldiers to avoid civilian courts. Permission under unique circumstances is granted, prompting questions if Captain Singh’s actions are designated under that legislative loophole.

Never-Ending Violence

Captain Singh was stationed in India’s most volatile region. Ownership for the Kashmir region is fought between China, Pakistan, and India on a daily basis. That fight hasn’t stopped for three decades. The Kashmiri People have requested independence for their respective sovereignty, which is regularly denied by all three nations. Since the 1990s, thousands have died for ownership of Kashmir.