General Motors ISVs Released to American Military

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The United States Military has obtained their first “Infantry Squad Vehicle” on October 27th. ISVs were delivered by General Motors Defence, the military branch of America’s 2nd oldest auto manufacturer. Production of the GM Defence ISV was maintained at the Milford Factory in Michigan, with the first model releasing 120 days after receiving their US Army contract. It shows the formidability of infrastructure that General Motors maintains, which will likely see their contract renewed later this decade.

The United States Army awarded $214.3 Million to General Motors Defence to produce 650 ISVs before 2024. They aren’t the exclusive manufacturer operating this contract though, with three other companies having been selected by the US Army as well. Collectively these auto manufacturers will produce 2065 Infantry Squad Vehicles. Finalized ISVs will be distributed to various units deployed in unknown borders, with a small percentage remaining stateside for training purposes.

The Infantry Squad Vehicle is meant to carry nine soldiers to their respective destination. Its lightweight frame permits these vehicles to load quickly on multiple military aircraft, even the UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter. It’s also small enough to fit inside the CH-47 Chinook Helicopter. There hasn’t ever been a squad-established vehicle that can sustain transfer through a Helicopter.

What’s interesting about the General Motors Defence version of the Infantry Squad Vehicle is its usage of commercial parts. GM Defence ISVs follow an identical setup to the 2020 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2, which is a midsize truck that sustains 186-horsepower. That same horsepower is implemented with the GM Defence ISV, which also supports the same Turbo-Diesel Engine & race performance components. Updates were made to GM Defence’s design to include the roll-cage & keep larger passenger numbers. Subsequently, the frame was increased by nearly five feet.

Forced Support

The reason this announcement is notable for Infantry soldiers is that the ISV was first announced in 2015. Multiple delays obtaining the ISVs were initiated following the change of presidency, with Donald Trump not forcing congress into approving the $214.3 Million contract. That would change after Army Lawyers evoked the FY18 National Defence Authorization Act. It forced congress to review the porential agreement immediately. Approval wouldn’t be granted until August 2019.