GDLS Obtains $1.2 Billion Contract from US Army

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The US Government is infamous for spending billions on all branches of their army, with the American taxpayer often unknowingly paying for the cost. History has repeated itself after White House personnel confirmed that “General Dynamic Land Systems” has obtained a $1.2 billion contract to design, manufacturer, and deliver the “IM-SHORAD”. The specific name for this weapon is the “Interim Maneuver Short-Range Air Defence System”. It’s designed explicitly after the Stryker system, with specialized components differing the two being a “Raytheon Stinger Vehicle Missile Launcher.”

These complex systems aren’t meant to be understood by the average US Civilian. However, the associated cost to develop a singular plan should be concerning. It’ll take five years to build & deliver this system, with completion date allowed no later than September 30th. It’s a demand that’s been made by the US Defence Department. Details regarding where construction will take place & which personnel will be contracted for employment by “General Dynamic Land Systems”.

Executives are overseeing this contract initially were campaigning for $230 million, enabling for 28 IM-SHORAD Vehicles to be manufactured. However, requests to developer advanced missile launchers that work in-correlation with the air defence systems were sustained by the US Defence Department. GDSL responded by requesting $1.2 Billion to the developer the new missile launchers & systems. Furthermore, “32 IM-SHORAD Vehicles” are being manufactured over one.

The US Defence Department confirmed that the 1st vehicle from GDSL under the IM-SHORAD classification would arrive by March 2021, with an undecided battalion receiving access to the military vehicle by September 2021. All remaining 31 vehicles will be awarded to the same regiment, ensuring that operational status is guaranteed & army mechanics are adequately trained. Additional battalions will then be permitted access to the “IM-SHORAD Vehicles.”

REFs Decommissioned

Announcements regarding GDSLs contract with the US Defence Department came days after the “Rapid Equipping Force” was discontinued, with systems being decommissioned by May 2021. That’s roughly the same period when the US Defence Department will begin preparation for the “IM-SHORAD Vehicles”. This had led some to believe that these vehicles will support Land, Sea, Cyberspace, and Airspace counterinsurgency capabilities. GDSL or the US Defence Department has announced no official status on counterinsurgency systems.