Dana White Makes Enemies with John Oliver

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The number of enemies that Dana White has made over the last four months is extensive. Similar to his closest public friend, Donald Trump, nobody is safe from the ignorant tyrants of the UFC President. The latest individual that has begun a verbal war with Dana White is John Oliver, the host of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight”. Oliver selected White after the UFC President has continuously disregarded safety measures associated with COVID-19. An onslaught of jokes regarding Dana’s personality, exterior looks, & business operations has been made to millions of viewers.

John Oliver first remarked that reopening the UFC during the COVID-19 Pandemic Peak in America was foolish. Oliver watched the Late May UFC Pay-Per-View in Florida, where employed personnel could be seen disregarding social distancing measures. Few were wearing masks & none were seen sanitizing their hands. Significant penalties should’ve been placed onto the UFC for ignoring these rules, with no enforcement against Dana White shown. That’s because White is close with Donald “Bunker Boy” Trump.

Dana White had initially wanted all competitors in the UFC to attend Fight Island. He’d learn that the logistical challenges associated with accomplishing this task during COVID-19 weren’t even possible for world governments. What follows was an announcement confirming all Americans would compete in Jacksonville, and international competitors would battle at Fight Island. This means that Conor McGregor cannot attend any formal competition with Justin Gaethje, Jorge Masvidal, or Tony Ferguson. He can compete against Khabib Nurmagomedov for a 2nd time though.

The Ridiculousness of Dana White

Dana White is an ageing adult that continuously proves himself to be immature. This was seen again when John Oliver claimed that UFC Fight Island should be named “UF-Sea”. It took less than twelve hours after this episode of HBO’s Last Week Tonight for Dana White to trademark this name. When questions why he committed these ridiculous actions, the UFC President merely stated that John Oliver wouldn’t obtain any profits from his sport.

Anybody familiar with John Oliver knows that this British broadcaster won’t stop until Dana White claims defeat. This HBO host has often disregarded lawsuits, depositions, and criminal investigations into stories remarked from his series. That’s the power of HBO.