Dana White Doubts Nate Diaz Revival

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There have been regular discussions regarding the return of UFC fighters into the Octagon. Fan favourites like Conor McGregor & Nate Diaz are continually being discussed amongst UFC analysts, evoking rumours that often prove false. The latest pertains to the revival of Nate Diaz after years away from the sport. However, even UFC President Dana White is sceptical that the ageing superstar will return after a prolonged semi-retirement.

Kevin Mubenga, the manager for Nate Diaz, has spoken regularly on the training regiment his client has evoked for a likely return in 2021. Kevin Mubenga revealed that Nate Diaz has maintained a 15-Week Diet & Training Schedule, with his weight ranging between 175lbs. When Diaz’s manager was questioned on potential fights in the future, Kevin clarified that Nate is reviewing upcoming welterweights to determine which competitor is best suited for his return. It’d be surprising if Nate Diaz made any headway in the UFC again, with his career sustaining a single welterweight championship against Conor McGregor.

ESPN Reporters questioned UFC President Dana White on the possible revival of Nate Diaz. Dana White had just finished filming “DWCS Season Four: Week Six” after being asked by ESPN. President Dana White evoked that the prospect of Nate Diaz’s revival is unlikely, and something the UFC wouldn’t have announced if being negotiated. This means that Dana White & Nate Diaz haven’t held any discussions regarding his possible return.

An Unlikely Revival

Dana White regarded that UFC Corporate will review how Nate Diaz training regiment unfolds before January 2021. However, the UFC President doesn’t have any expectations & seems unconfident in his former favourite fighter. The lack of interest in resigning Nate Diaz is evident and could likely mean the former Welterweight Champion is never returning to the Octagon.

Nate Diaz hasn’t fought since January 31st, 2015. It’s been five years since UFC 183 when Anderson Silva dominated over Nate Diaz & received a unanimous victory from the judges. Diaz has also been shrouded in controversy, being given a five-year suspension from the Nevada Athletic Commission. His earlier return can be January 2021, but from all accounts, his star power isn’t enough to evoke the excitement of Dana White.