CPLA Angered as Indian Army Apprehends Chinese Soldier

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October 19th saw tensions between the Indian & Chinese Armies grow. This followed after the Indian Army apprehended a soldier with the People’s Liberation Army of China. The soldier was located remotely in the Ladakh region, which is located in the mountains that border each nation. The Indian Army revealed that Corporal Wang Ya was captured in the Demchok area of Ladakh Region, where he’ll be released shortly back to the CPLA after interrogation. The Chinese Armed Forces haven’t been available for comment in-regards to Corporal Wang Ya being captured.

Standoffs between India & China began in May 2020. Soldiers from both armed forces were sent to the Ladakh Border, where less than a month later an explosive & deadly brawl would ensue. Soldiers weren’t provided combat weapons for their posts, which forced combative personnel to use stones & fists to defeat their enemies. It’s known that the Chinese murdered 20 Indian Soldiers. Multiple Chinese combatants were also killed, but standard to CPLA protocol, details on those deaths aren’t being rewarded.

The Indian Army has been given ample opportunity by capturing Corporal Wang Ya. Months ago, the People’s Liberation Army of China had detained ten Indian Soldiers. Four were officers of the high-ranking authority. For 72-Hours, Chinese interrogators demanded detailed information on Indian Army Protocol. It’s not known what information was released to China, with it being suspected that Indian Soldiers likely lied about state secrets to avoid death.

India is Here to Fight

The Chinese Community Party has learned that India won’t play nice any longer. Statements were released that notified medical assistance wasn’t being provided to Corporal Wang Ya. Oxygen sickness isn’t being relieved, and injuries are beginning to become infected. The Indian Army also informed CPLA Officials bordering Ladakh Region that Corporal Wang Ya wasn’t being provided ample oxygen in the high-altitude region and won’t be given warm clothing in the freezing temperatures of the night. It’ll be dependent on Corporal Wang Ya to survive the Indian detainment centre.

This announcement will likely eliminate any future diplomatic discussions with Indian & Chinese political officials. It’s expected that all-out warfare will ensure from the capture of Corporal Wang Ya.