Colby Covington Under Fire

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There isn’t anybody as destructive or immature in the Ultimate Fighters Championship like Colby Covington. He’s become infamous for sending his variation of a “Troll Army” to attack anybody that talks down to about him in a public forum. This was proven again by the previous UFC Interim Welterweight Champion, who sent his army towards a company reporter and the referee from his UFC 245 Bout. It was announced that Marc Goddard experienced substantial backlash after Colby Covington lost his championship belt to Kamaru Usman in December 2019. Since that UFC competition, Colby hasn’t been seen training or listed for another fight.

Marc Goddard, after two months of remaining silent, has begun blasting Colby Covington for his actions and behaviour after UFC 245. It was revealed that Goddard had received countless death threats, racist comments and abusive behaviour to himself after this bout. It extended to additional inappropriate actions towards his family and public allegations that Goddard had taken money to throw this fight.

He remained silent through social media threads, waiting until he received clearance from Dana White to speak about this issue. Considering that Marc Goddard and Dana White have 20+ years working relationship together, these actions were the final stray for Colby Covington. Fighting experts believe that Dana White won’t allow Colby another fight and will terminate his contract early. This goes to prove that strength doesn’t always gain victory, inside and outside the octagon.

Previous Ignorant Behaviour

It should be noted that Marc Goddard is the only African-American referee with the Ultimate Fighter’s Championship. He regularly receives death threats from viewers, with them targeting his family and telling him they’ll be murdered. All because of skin pigmentations that occurred millions of years ago. This goes to prove that individuals under the Colby Covington Troll Army or racist viewers are the definition of immature.

They could never be convinced of that reality, which is why Marc Goddard and his family often dispute these statements. Hated can sometimes be the most definitive form of flattery, with these individuals ultimately being jealous of what Marc Goddard has accomplished as an African-America man. Going forward, Colby Covington believes that he’ll receive a fight against Jorge Masvidal or Kamaru Usman. Fighting experts note that Covington isn’t considering the recent actions he’s taken against Marc Goddard, Dana White or the UFC entirely. We will provide our readers with updates on if his contract is terminated throughout 2020.