Cerrone Talks McGregor Fight

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Informal updates about the week before Donald Cerrone was slated to compete against Conor McGregor have been revealed. This follows after the Cowboy had an extensive interview with ESPN Sports, which was held via Zoom so supporters could see their favourite fighter at home. Cerrone stood at the newly built bar in his 10-Acre Ranch in New Mexico, which is named “The Bad Motherfucker Ranch”. Cerrone hasn’t been seen much since competing against the Irishman, where Donald was knocked down in forty seconds. This interview marked the 1st time that the Cowboy addressed the knockout fight.

ESPN Reporters didn’t have to request Donald Cerrone speak about this issue. Within a minute after the interview began, the Cowboy initiated the conversation himself. It was expressed that preparing for an international fight that’s seen by millions is a challenge. Donald noted that the forty-second knockout began an internally hard this to comprehend amongst his camp. This could lead towards potential issues with his current training, which was initiated unexpectedly by Dana White for UFC 249.

Donald Cerrone has competed in the UFC for fourteen years, holding the most significant winning record in the sport. For every victory, there’s also been a notable loss, with the Cowboy losing fourteen matches in his career. These losses never mentally affected Donald previous to his bout with Conor McGregor, where Cerrone admitted to feeling depressed and angry at himself. Retirement was envisioned during this period of self-loathing, which would inevitably change with new mindsets. Donald will work towards a few more notable fights before leaving the Octagon for a final time. His next bout is slated for May 9th in Florida. He’ll compete in UFC 249 against Anthony Pettis, which has been a highly desired matchup for a prolonged period.

The Cowboy finished his ESPN interview by mentioning that Donald Cerrone competed against Conor McGregor, not the Cowboy. The wrong fighter showed up like he had thirteen times previously. Cerrone couldn’t feel the fire needed to compete in his biggest fight yet. Luckily, Dana White is giving him another chance at UFC 249, which’ll be historically the biggest PPV for the Ultimate Fights Championship because of COVID-19.