Canadian Soldier Killed During Training Exercise

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An unfortunate accident was sustained in British Columbia, Canada. The Canadian Armed Forces announced that a “Reserve Soldier” had been killed during training last week. It was confirmed that Corporal. James Choi of British Columbia’s Royal Westminster Regiment died after being shot. The incident occurred in New Westminster, CFB Wainwright. CAF Representatives expressed that military police believe another solider is at-fault of this incident & aren’t aware of the act was purposeful or unintentional.

Corporal. James Choi severed alongside fellow soldiers with the “Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry” when this incident occurred. Death wasn’t immediate, with medically trained soldiers providing prompt treatment. This enables Cpl. James Choi to be airlifted from CFB Wainwright to Edmonton Hospital. After fighting admirably for his life within a 24-hour timeframe, Cpl. James Choi lost his life on November 14th.

An investigation has begun, which was ordered direct from leaders in the Canadian Armed Forces. The “Federal Defence Ministry” is also doing a subsequent analysis, enabling federal arrest pending the revelation that this act was intentional. Individuals that witnessed this unfortunate incident are expected to provide information to investigators or face a dishonourable discharge.

A Military Reacts

Condolences for Cpl. James Choi has flooded the Canadian Armed Forces, knowing that this incident is saddening & drastic for CAF. An official statement was issued by CAF Representatives, which clarified the military is mourning the loss of James Choi & will provide his family justice. It was also confirmed that the “Department of National Defence” in Canada will provide monetary compensation to immediate family and will grieve this loss for months to come.

High-ranking officials in the Canadian Armed Forces also expressed their condolences to the Choi family. This included Jonathan Vance, Canada’s Defence Staff General. The Commander of Canada’s Army also provided his condolences for this loss, with Commander Wayne Eyre expressing the devastation associated with losing a highly-respect & hard-working soldier. Canada’s Chief Commander hopes that the thoughts & prayers of an entire military will provide some relief for the Choi Family.

The Federal Defence Ministry & Canadian Armed Forces have requested that anyone with information come forward, with their identities being kept private for security concerns.