Canadian Master Sailor Missing at Sea

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An unfortunate incident has occurred by American coastal waters for a Canadian sailor. The Canadian Military & Navy confirmed that Duane Earl had likely fallen overboard on December 14th. It’s presumed after 48-Hours that this Canadian master sailor had died in oceanic waters. Details provided by the Military note the HMCS Winnipeg was 500 Nautical Miles from the West Coast of San Francisco.

Statements from the HMCS Winnipeg mentioned that after fellow sailors notified the deck of a Duane Earle’s whereabouts being missing, a prompt search of onboard camera didn’t identify any critical information. The HMCS Winnipeg turned back along the route & began an immediate investigation, with the CH-148 Cyclone Helicopter performing the aerial search. After two days of trying to locate Duane Earle, the search proved a failure. It’s now suspected that Duale Earle passed at-sea.

An official statement regarding this matter was issued on December 14th, with the HMCS Winnipeg not providing any official updates by December 16th. Sentiments expressed condolences for friends & family, alongside the shipmates that are devastated with Duane Earle’s missing disappearance. The Chief of Defence Staff for Canada’s Navy emphasised that the Canadian Armed Forced & Royal Canadian Navy mourn this loss.

An Investigation Begins & the Search Continues.

The search for Duane Earle hasn’t ended, with efforts being increased by double. The Royal Canadian Air Force & United States Coast Guard are assisting the Canadian Navy. California State has also provided joint Rescue Co-Ordination. All available resources to save this master sailor are being employed. However, the search will officially be called off & Duane Earle declared dead at 72-Hours. The final hours are arriving, with conditions not improving on the open waters. It’s unlikely that Duane Earle could survive 72-Hours floating in storm-like conditions.

An investigation into how Duane Earle was thrown overboard is being initiated. The timeframe of his disappearance had oceanic waters at relatively stable conditions, meaning the HMSC Winnipeg wasn’t swaying. The perfect footing was available to the sailors on-deck. Some are questioning if an altercation between Duane Earle & another crewmate was possible. Considering that the HMSC Winnipeg has 230 sailors on board, it won’t take long for the Royal Canadian Military to conclude their investigation.