BAE Systems Contracted by US Army for Helicopter Development

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The United States Army confirmed that they’d awarded numerous contracts to a multinational defence & security corporation named BAE Systems. British Aerospace Marconi Electronic Systems will create autonomy capabilities for the US Army. Their arrangements are sustained through the “Future Vertical Lift Initiative” and will focus on advancements surrounding militarized flight.

Helming the FVL Initiative is the Advanced Teaming Demonstration Program, which implements key technologies to better assists non-combative pilots in assessing their vehicles from hundreds to thousands of miles away. It should be clarified that BAE Systems has received 75% of the available contracts maintained for the FVL Initiative. It’s not been announced which aerospace firm has acquired the remaining 25%. Both will develop new technologies to advance uncrewed & manned aviation vehicles. This will include Cargo Planes, Military Jets, and Helicopters.


The United States Army has listed requirements for BAE Systems. Aircraft must support advanced components that guarantee operational status in complex & degraded airspace. Integrated defence systems are also required to ensure victory over nearby adversaries, with a focus on unmanned aircraft to eliminate loss of life. The US Army doesn’t maintain aircraft that support militarized attacks, unmanned lethal security capabilities, and armed reconnaissance. Additional demands for specialized components included enhanced radar from greater heights. It’d mean unmanned aircraft flying above thirty thousand feet could sustain radar.

The Advanced Teaming Demonstration Program has struggled to ascertain their goals of combative unmanned aircraft. Commonly named the A-Team with the armed forces, this program was meant to decrease cognitive burdens associated with pilots flying in degraded & complex airspace. When patrolling areas nearby hostile territories, swarms of aircraft descend onto pilots & evoke mental hurdles hard to overcome, BAE Systems will solve this issue before 2022.

Automated technologies created by BAE Systems will provide unmanned pilots with situational awareness, resource management, information processing, and decision-making assistants that sustain higher response times than pilots. Developing this technology has become increasingly crucial for the US Army, meaning that BAE Systems has been given thirteen months to complete their contract. Executives with the aerospace firm believe that completion date is possible.