Art Apex Facility Hosting UFC Fights

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The Ultimate Fighting Championship President, Dana White, announced the latest location for all UFC bouts. Most supporters and fanatics believed that the newest house for the fighting series would be named UFC Island, located on a private island in the Pacific Ocean. It’s what Dana White has talked about for nearly a month, claiming it’ll host all UFC Fights. Changes in his plans were required on an uninformed level. This prompted the new location to become the Art Apex Facility, which is beside the UFC Headquarters. It’ll be the home for UFC until the COVID-19 pandemic is completed. Fights will be regularly produced starting May 1st.

Dana White claimed that the Art Apex Facility finished completion before the pandemic began. It’ll serve as the perfect home for private productions, which we expect to see for a prolonged period. It should be noted that UFC fans have seen this Facility before, with it hosting the 3rd Contender’s Series. It’ll modernized capabilities enable for social distancing requirements to become more easily implemented. Fighters will be provided private quarters to ensure their safety, while cameras are remotely controlled from a production booth.

The Troubled Times

UFC has entered a turbulent period through the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s been a combined factor of the virus and their president, who has prompted an influx of complaints regarding the UFCs operations. It was expected that UFC 249 would begin on April 18th, with multiple alterations in its scheduling occurring. The fight between Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov was slated to take place in Brooklyn. After that venue was cancelled because of the pandemic, Dana White claimed that UFC 249 would move to the middle east. That would then be cancelled for similar reasons and prompted Dana White to declare he was purchasing a private island for future fights. That is still in the works, without any proof to back up the claims.

It should be noted that additional cancellations for productions with the Art Apex Facility are a significant reality. Dana White could once again find his plans being terminated. It should be noted that the Disney Corporation, which broadcasts all UFC venues from ESPN Sports, could force Dana White to stop these productions by refusing to showcase the sport.