Army General Taking Over U.S. Space Command

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James Dickinson from the United States Army has been announced as the last’s Commander for “U.S. Space Command”. Dickinson is the 1st Army officer to be granted this honour, leading the unified military combatant into a new age of warfare. There’ll also be notable development towards future American Space Operations, and the pursuit of scientific knowledge regarding our cosmos.

It’s been known since June 2020 that James Dickinson would likely lead the United States Space Command, which comes after President Donald Trump nominated the Army officer to the “Senate Armed Services Committee”. It’d take until August 6th for the SASC to make their final decision, with public knowledge not being noted until two-weeks-later on August 20th.

James Dickinson arrived at the Peterson Air Force Base on August 20th in Colorado, where the Army officer was sworn into the position of Commander. The swearing-in-ceremony was given by President Donald Trump, where afterwards new appointments in leadership were announced by POTUS. It was revealed that the “United States Northern Command & North American Aerospace Defence Command” will be led by Glen VanHerck, an Air Force General. This appointment in leadership comes after Terrence O’Shaughnessy is retiring from military duty, allowing VanHerck to supersede his predecessor.

An Unforgettable Predecessor

General John Raymond is leaving the role of “Commander of U.S. Space Command”, which comes after maintaining the position for the short period of nine months. This exit as Commander hasn’t been prompted from failure, with John Raymond still heading of “Chief of Space Operations” for the United States Space Force.

The Generals duties are growing daily & forced his retirement from U.S Space Command. It should be mentioned that John Raymond formally served as the “U.S. Army Space & Missile Defence Program Commander”. It’ll be challenging for General James Dickinson to overcome the reputation that John Raymond has obtained.

The United States Space Command was first created in 1985, entering the status of decommissioned in 2002. Primary functions of the USSC were awarded to U.S. Strategic Command. The USSC wouldn’t return until President Donald Trump’s leadership, where POTUS in 2018, signed a memorandum that established the U.S. Space Command for a 2nd time.