AR Goggles for US Army Combat Dogs

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The United States Armed Forces have announced that combat canines are obtaining “Augmented Reality Goggles” to assist in their regular duties. These ARGs will enable combat canines to receive orders from their commanding officers at long-range distances. This technology was designed by Command Sight, a military-employed firm that’s managed under the “US Army Research Laboratory Division”.

Combat canines are used for scouting purposes, moving ahead to locate other hazards & explosives. Their weights are kept at specific levels to avoid detonating explosives like IEDs. Augmented reality goggles provide military canines with additional capabilities in locating explosives. This includes prompted notifications whenever heat signatures related to IEDs or other explosives are detected. Additionally, commanding officers have backup controls & can create virtual GPS pathways for the combative canine to follow. This makes it drastically easier for military dogs to retreat from unfavourable situations.

Implementing this technology will allow for handling officers to avoid teaching their combative canines hand signals. Strategies & tactics more proficient with the canine assisting in combat duties can become the primary focus. Handlers themselves can witness live footage from their canines, enabling soldiers to assess their surroundings better. Worst-case scenarios are also accounted for & handlers can prompt an emergency toggle, which informs the canine to retreat to defensive cover—soldiers than will push forward & assist the military dog from avoiding contact with enemy forces.

Military Community Reacts with Excitement

The Senior Scientist at Command Sight provided clarification on the augmented reality goggles. Doctor Stephen Lee noted that combative canines could learn specialized cues & create better strategies towards its scouting role. Stephen Lee than evoked that the military-canine community is excited about the upcoming advancements, and the potential associated with this technology.

Details regarding fitting & visual indicators were provided. Command Sight will take digital renderings of each combative canine permitted for ARGs. That’ll allow for fitting to specifically be associated with that military dog. Augmented visual indicators are also aligned to the optical sight of selected combative canines. Details regarding the release of Command Sights ARG Goggles weren’t revealed, with testing phases likely still underway.