Anderson Silva Returning to the UFC

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It’s been officially twelve months since Anderson Silva, one of the most recognizable original fighters associated with the UFC, damaged his knee after his previous UFC appearance. The former Middleweight Champion announced via Instagram that he underwent his final surgery, indicating that the healing process will have reached 100% within the next several days. His last appearance was against Jared Cannonier on May 11th, 2019 at UFC 237. Anderson would position himself improperly during the 1st round and immediately damage his right knee. The Silva Camp claimed that significant injury wasn’t suffered, with that being a notable lie after twelve months without competing.

Anderson Silva addressed his audience in his native language of Portuguese, informing supporters that his final knee surgery is complete, and the last recovery process has started. He noted that his condition is perfectly normal, while also thanking them for remaining a loyal fan over this trialling period. Silva then mentioned that he’d complete his final two fights in the Ultimate Fighters Championship. Loyalists behind Anderson would be thrilled at the idea of him obtaining one last belt before retirement. However, the ageing superstar is unlikely to receive a champion-level opponent.

The Final Comeback

Anderson “The Spider” Silva is looking to make a final comeback to the UFC, with his current contract demanding two last bouts from this former champion. Anderson expressed a desire to compete against Jared Cannonier and Israel Adesanya, the two exclusive opponents that defeated Silva in his lengthy career. Overcoming both these men will have allowed Anderson to dominate over all opponents in his career, something few fighters have accomplished. However, Silva is 45 years of age and the oldest competitor in the UFC. He’s obtained a single victory since his championship reign in 2013, meaning the chances to beating Cannonier or Adesanya is limited.

Supporters behind the Spider hope that Anderson Silva can return on the night of his 14th Octagon Debut Anniversary. Regardless of what happens moving forward, Silva has confirmed his complete contractual obligations. This means an inevitable two final fights with the former UFC Champion is coming within the 2020-21 schedule.