American Soldiers Killed in Helicopter Crash

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Representatives from the United States Army made an unfortunate & saddening announcement on November 14th. Confirmations were made that five American Soldiers died during peacekeeping duties. International forces witnessed the unexpected event, with these American Soldiers assisting on a peacekeeping mission in Egypt to Israel, Southern Sinai Peninsula. Their presence is required with violent altercations in the region increasing from ISIS Militias. However, combative duty wasn’t needed for this mission. It’d be technical malfunctions that prompted the helicopter to spiral beyond pilot control & inflict an unexpected crash. Details on which American Soldiers died during this incident was released. Those individuals are as followed:

  • Captain. Seth Vernon Vandekamp from Katy, Texas. Aged 31.
  • Chief Warrant Officer Three. Dallas Gearld from Fayetteville, North Carolina. Aged 34.
  • Chief Warrant Officer Two. Marwan Sameh Ghabour from Marlborough, Massachusetts. Aged 27.
  • Staff Sergeant. Kyle Robert McKee of Painesville, Ohio. Aged 35.
  • Sergeant. Jeremy Cain Sherman of Watseka, Illinois. Aged 23.

The Czech Defence Ministry was first to confirm the helicopter crash, with American representatives following hours later. CDM Officials noticed that a supplement mission for the “Multination Forces & Observers” saw a Blackhawk helicopter experience technical malfunctions. The pilot wasn’t able to sustain control of the vehicles, prompting several individuals to lose their lives. Military personnel from France & the Czech Republic lost their lives during this incident.

The Czech Defence Ministry confirmed that Sergeant Michaela Ticha died during the unexpected event. It marks the first death during a foreign mission for the Czech Republic since the 1989s Velvet Revolution. Details on the individual that died weren’t provided by France’s military, a common tactic used for privacy of the widowed wife & family. There was the smallest of silver linings from this helicopter crash, with an American Peacekeeper not associated with military proceedings surviving the event. Soldiers from Israel’s Defence Forces retrieved the American Peacekeeper & provided medical treatment at a local hospital.

Civilians throughout Israel were concerned that ISIS Militia had shot down the Blackhawk helicopter. Security throughout Egypt & Israel has deteriorated in the last decade, with terrorist organizations battling for land. Some are still questioning if technical malfunctions caused the crash.